Mohamed Salih Idris Bleeding Center

Mohamed Salih Idris bleeding center is a dedicated emergency gastrointestinal bleeding center established in 2004 by professor Suliman Salih Fedail who was director of NCGLD at that time, through a generous donation from  a Sudanese businesses man, Mr Mohamed Salih Idris.
The bleeding center is dedicated to the management of patients who present with upper and lower GI bleeding. It includes a 24/7 outpatient clinic, wards and ICU, an endoscopy unit, pharmacy, blood bank and laboratory services. Experienced endoscopists from both the surgical and medical units cover the emergency endoscopy service. Since its establishment in 2004; 50000 patient with different gastrointestinal bleeding etiology were seen with an average of 7-15 patients a day. The average no of patients per year is about 3000 patients.
Upper gastrointestinal bleeding comprise 90% of cases, mostly due to variceal bleeding (75% ) secondary to  schistosomal periportal fibrosis which
is the causes of portal hypertension in 70% of cases.

The center houses the NCGLD and the WGO Khartoum training center. It has facilities for education and training with 3 lecture halls and endoscopy and laparoscopy simulation training center. This training center is managed by the NCGLD and WGO Khartoum training center.
The center facilities are utilized as examination center for many specialties
of the Sudanese medical specialization board.
This center provided a promising area for research collaboration as well as training in gastrointestinal endoscopy.

We have a long standing cooperation with a group of United Kingdom doctors and nurses organizing regular basic and advanced endoscopy training workshops in addition to endoscopy nurses training courses. A few fellows from UK had a short period of training at our center and their experience was published in the BMJ.

(Endoscopy training in upper GI bleeding for UK trainees in Khartoum, Sudan: South Yorkshire experience , Ammar Al-Rifaie ,Thazin Min, ,Dalia Allam,  ,Karen Smith, David Paul Hurlstone, Abdelmounem Abdo, Elmuhtady Said, Mark Donnelly


Area Coverage

The center covers Khartoum State.


  • Emergency gastrointestinal.
  • Upper and lower GI bleeding
  • 24/7 outpatient clinic.
  • Wards and ICU, an endoscopy unit
  • Education and training


Alamarat, Mohamed Najeeb str, Khartoum – Sudan

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